To be the leading Primary Health Care provider in Namibia by providing cost effective medicine to the public, with exceptional service.

To set the future direction of pharmacy practice in Namibia.

The “M” and “W” of Medicine World symbolize a human-like figure. The globe emphasizes our company slogan, i.e. “It’s a whole new world”, and also surrounds the above-mentioned figure in order to protect and serve. The colours used represent primarily the following: Blue is for clean, clinical and trust, Orange is for warmth and Yellow is for love and care.  

The Medicine World dream realized when the first pharmacy was established in October 2004 in Outapi, Ombalantu.  We proudly named it Outapi Pharmacy No. 1

The second pharmacy followed a year later, in November 2005, in Ondangwa, i.e. Ondangwa Pharmacy, from whereon we shifted our focus to the nation’s capital in order to establish our name in the industry. 

In May 2006, Medicine World Windhoek opened its doors in Maerua Mall (2nd phase) and a decision was made to add the prefix “Medicine World” to all pharmacy names.  Medicine World Windhoek was also our flagship pharmacy and is the proud custodian of our group of pharmacies image to the world.

In May 2006, we also acquired Medicine World Katutura (previously called Katutura Pharmacy) in Windhoek and the second last addition to our family in Windhoek was in April 2007 when we opened Medicine World Lafrenz for business.  

Last year we have opened the newest member (pharmacy) situated in Windhoek-West with the latest technology and modernist design as a pharmacy could be.  Medicine World Westcare

We are already busy with our newest and latest development, which will be an upgrade of Medicine World Windhoek pharmacy (situated in Maerua Mall).  This upgrade not only includes an added 900 square meters, but also the latest and newest design and layout available.  It will also be the first pharmacy in Namibia with an automated dispensing robot machine (which is prefilled with medication and dispenses according to a barcode system).  This decreases human errors by huge margins, thus increasing productivity and longer and more specialized focus on patient counseling. 

Despite all this, we hope and dream that we will create a large number of job opportunities for Namibians for we are in a very privileged position in being born Namibians as well.  We also hope to bring the best possibly Medication and Service to ALL Namibians in the future at the lowest prices.